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What is included?

  • English Dash Conversion – Have your Japanese dashboard display converted to English
  • English Manual – a professionally bound English manual for your vehicle
  • English Stickers – cover the Japanese writing in the vehicle with equivalent English stickers
  • NZ FM Band Expander – to receive New Zealand radio frequencies
  • Fresh Cabin Air Filter – replace your filthy air-conditioning/heating air filter with a brand new one
  • All Clocks Set – Have all your clocks set to New Zealand time
  • Japanese Notifications Turned Down – Volume of Japanese audible alerts turned down to almost zero
  • EV Bumper Sticker – make use of the EV lanes around Auckland with the NZTA issued EV sticker
  • OBD LeafSpy Tool – enabling you to check up on your battery health and access other features
  • Rust Prone Components Treated – treatment of a known rust prone area


Optional Extras

  • LeafSpy/Battery Tutorial (including tips to increase range and prolong the life of your battery)
  • Full Service
  • Genuine Nissan Spare Key and Remote
  • Battery Condition Report
  • Charging Equiptment
  • Spare Wheel Installation
  • Parcel Shelf
  • Tow Bar
  • Reversing Camera
  • Stereo Head Unit
  • And MORE, enquire today

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