NISSAN LEAF 2014 High Spec G model with all the extras. Very tidy condition. Introducing the NISSAN LEAF, the worlds most popular electric car!! This car is a dream to drive and saves you thousands of dollars if you do a lot of driving. 5 Seats, Electronic stability control, Cruise Control, Bluetooth, Child seat anchor points. 10 Airbags, Heated Seats and Heated Steering Wheel, Reverse Camera, Interior Details Black Cloth.

This is a Very tidy Leaf. We love the electric lifestyle and would never go back to the fossil fuels. You will not regret buying an electric dream.

Gen 2 Leaf, G spec and 24kwhr battery

79% SOH (Battery State Of Health), 10 Battery bars.

With factory G spec alloy wheels.Mags.

New NZ compliant OEM Audio charging cord Valued at $599. English dash conversion done!

Plenty of room, big back seat and boot because there is no petrol tank in the back!

Fully electric! Never waste money on petrol again. Maintenence costs are also a lot lower than petrol cars. This is the future of motor vehicles.

Nissan stated in 2015 that until then only 0.01 percent of batteries, produced since 2010, had to be replaced because of failures or problems and then only because of externally inflicted damage. Some vehicles have already covered 300,000kms!

  • 2014, Nissan
  • Battery 24 Kwh
  • 120 Km range
  • Travelled 68000 Km
  • Two Wheel Drive 100% electric
  • Hatchback / Station Wagon



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